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Some nice words @ my music:


The vocal talent is evident immediately as well as his ability to get interesting sounds out of a guitar without overwhelming the music. - IndieBandGuru


Wonderful is a tremendously soulful effort on the latest album by Ferni, Afterburn; the track is one that needs little more than a piano and a strong set of vocals to succeed. - NeuFutur


He’s the type of musician who is able to make his instruments speak volumes. - Alec Cunningham

I'm a musician and songwriter in the Lone Star state. I started writing songs in grade school before I actually played any instruments - lots of lyrics to made up melodies I would keep in my head and put on an old cassette recorder.  Not too long after, I started teaching myself how to play guitar so I could actually realize some of those songs and eventually picked up a few other instruments over time.


I'm the founding member of We Are Stories, as well as former Texas bands Of Love and Justice and Brother Sol. I spent much of the 90's and 00's performing original music in numerous venues around Texas, with and without bands.


In 2012, I began to record and release my own music again as a solo artist via Bandcamp, Apple, Tidal and lots of other places.


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